Welcome to Partnership Health Centers

Partnership Health Centers offer a customized, patient-centered, cost-effective health program built on the wisdom of coordinated care. We believe in an effective, medical-home partnership strategy to cut the price of medical expenses. We have the data to prove its effectiveness: lower costs can be achieved through better care.

Our model addresses patients' health issues before they become expensive and unmanageable. Consequently, our clients are rewarded with substantial cost savings. An investment in preventive care is an investment in healthier and more productive employees.

We establish and manage Partnership Health Centers-patient-centered medical facilities customized to your members' needs at a location of your choice. Your members receive family-doctor style care whenever they feel the need. Visits to the medical home occur strictly on a voluntary, no co-pay basis - we design your program around your existing benefit design of network, terms, deductibles, and co-pays. No one in the industry offers more services at the same location, with same-day appointments and no co-pays!

Our team of medical statisticians pinpoint how and where healthcare dollars are spent. We target these areas to bend the cost curve, not by raising fees or cutting services, but by creating smarter care strategies to nurture healthier employees and develop a less costly health plan.

We believe delayed doctor visits, confusing fees, and wrongfully denied claims are consequences of a failed healthcare system where rising costs coincide with a decrease in the quality of care. We offer the smart solution: prompt, familiar, effective care delivered to you and your members with a transparency you can trust.