How does Partnership Health Centers benefit public employers and employees alike?

Partnership Health Centers is an advocate for employee health and promotes care in unprecedented ways-- by arming members with detailed knowledge about their options, by providing a free and 100% voluntary state-of-the art healthcare center, by promoting early care and wellness. Healthy employees represent the most financially beneficial position for employers.

Do benefits change if an employer switches to Partnership Health Centers?

No. Partnership Health Centers is scrupulous in following the benefit design parameters of "equal-to-or-better-than" to honor contract requirements. In addition to coverage requirements remaining unchanged, members have access to a dedicated, one-stop-shopping health center to be used on a voluntary basis for primary care as well as referrals and care coordination purposes. There, they can visit outstanding doctors and other providers. In addition to medical services, they can receive their medications, X-rays and lab work at one location with no co-pay.

Do co-pays and deductibles change?

No. Even better-- if a member chooses to use the Partnership Health Centers services, there are no co-pays, deductibles, or any other out-of-pocket expense.

Can members visit the doctor of their choice?

Yes. Partnership Health Centers allows employers and health plan sponsors access to a customized provider network as large as any available. Moreover, we have a unique and powerful way to recruit providers who will not participate in any network. The Partnership Health Centers program is based on the premise that encouraging access to healthcare is wise not only for health purposes, but financially as well. Of course, a doctor can call us to join at any time.

How do I find out if a doctor participates in Partnership Health Centers network?

Partnership Health Centers will provide access to a list of network providers online. If a doctor or facility of your choice is not listed, we request that you alert us to this situation so we may recruit the provider.

Will I get credit for the deductible amount already applied?

Yes. Partnership Health Centers will obtain the necessary information to properly reflect these credits.